Working with Expert OBM

Expert OBM specializes in working with motivated entrepreneurs.

Our clients understand the value of having efficiently running operations and marketing systems, but no longer have the time (or desire) to manage the day-to-day details and team members. They know what is possible for their businesses, but their current results are stagnant either because they can’t get everything done anymore by themselves or with the current team, or maybe they don’t know why and need in-depth assistance to move forward.

Who are our best clients?

Some good examples of our ideal clients would be solopreneurs who have a successful $350K+ business and want to:

  • take their in-person services and bring them online,
  • amp up their subscribers, social media followers, and online sales,
  • offer new information products, teleseminars, live events, mastermind groups and more but don’t know where to start,
  • have somebody manage their e-commerce shop,
  • have a partner to strategize with them about next steps for their business
  • get unstuck from the day-to-day management of their business and are ready to delegate
  • grow their business and are willing to invest in a team and business management services

We greatly value developing long-term partnerships with our clients. We see ourselves as surrogate owners of your company, continually looking for ways to increase revenue, increase efficiency, and thereby increase profitability. We want your company to succeed, and we gain a deep sense of accomplishment when your company is successful.

What can you expect from Expert Online Business Management?

From the first day together, we get started discovering you and your business in detail including meeting with your team members, learning about all systems used, and determining your initial needs. Then the fun begins. Just a few of the actions we’ll take initially are:

  1. Realize what fires need immediate attention, and douse them
  2. Discover what “low hanging fruit” is available to generate immediate additional income for you
  3. Determine what routine tasks can be taken off your plate
  4. Review current workloads and expertise, and hire team members as needed
  5. Evaluate systems and procedures, and look for areas for upgrades and improvements
  6. Strategize what new income generating products and services can be created
  7. Create a comprehensive overview map of the next 12 months, and a detailed action plan including clear measures of success.

If any one of these sounds like something you have been wanting for a while, then


“Geoffrey is a talented professional who is a pleasure to work with. He can calmly multi-task while managing multiple events and projects. Geoffrey’s strong computer and accounting skills combined with an ability to manage staff and volunteers, made a major contribution to the success of the events.”

Craig Smith

Source Events, President