About Geoffrey Swetz, Expert OBM

I consider myself an Efficiency, Productivity & Automation Expert. Finding better ways of executing a process is part of my DNA. I have been supporting small to medium size companies for over 30 years, and been an online business manager (without that title) for 7 years.

My passion is supporting business owners by taking care of all the day-to-day details so that they can move their business and projects forward effectively and productively in a calm manner. I take responsibility for the operations of a company as a full partner with the owner. I continually look for ways to increase profits by increasing sales and reducing costs, as well as documenting and automating systems and procedures to maximize efficiency.

Even under pressure, I have a calm and professional disposition and I am continually driven to move projects forward. Although I will ask questions in the beginning, I can manage multiple projects from creation to completion without supervision.

If your business is or includes an e-commerce piece, I currently am a small e-commerce entrepreneur who can bring my knowledge and understanding to your company. I have spent the last five years learning all I can about SEO and increasing site speed as it pertains to my e-commerce shop.

I greatly value developing long-term partnerships with my clients, and I consider myself a surrogate owner of the business. I want your company to flourish, and I gain a deep sense of accomplishment when you and your company are successful.

I look forward to learning more about you and your business, and how I can assist you.

What Are You Waiting For?


I was consistently impressed by Geoffrey’s talent, commitment, and work ethic. His role demanded extreme organization and flexibility, as well as stellar communication skills. He surpassed expectations on a daily basis, all the while maintaining a positive attitude and wonderful, engaging relationships with all staff, clients and contract workers. Our entire team depended on Geoffrey to keep every aspect of the business running smoothly, which he did with tremendous ability.”

Rebecca Weber

EventSource International